Miyata Satoshi (宮田悟志) is a Japanese singer. He was a member of the group BREATHE.

Miyata auditioned to the VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 2 in 2010 and advanced until the finals, but got defeated by the Sandaime J Soul Brothers' vocalists. After the auditions, he started to attend EXPG in Tokyo. In December 2011 he debuted as one of the members of the duo BREATHE, alongside Tada Kazuya, who was also a finalist of the auditions.

With BREATHE disbanding in April 2016, Miyata stayed with LDH as a soloist. For his solo activities he changed his given name (Satoshi)'s kanji from 慧 to 悟志.

On June 30, 2018, Miyata left LDH and started to manage his career at his own.



  1. [2018.01.10] RISE


  1. [2016.12.09] STORY / Kagerou (indie)



  • [2016.08.10-2016.08.16] Kagerou
  • [2016.09.27-2016.10.06] Hounangumi Kikaku Kōen 'THE Mensetsu'


  • [2017.01-present] Otoboke Station

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Live ConcertsEdit

  • [2016.06.03, 2016.06.25] Miyata Satoshi The 1st LIVE "START ~Tomorrows~"
  • [2016.09.09, 2016.09.12] Miyata Satoshi mariage! vol.1 ~The end of SUMMER~
  • [2016.10.25] LDH SHOWCASE LIVE "MUSIC BOX" Vol.1
  • [2016.12.30] Miyata Satoshi mariage! vol.2


  • [2016.12.09-2016.12.29] Miyata Satoshi STORY acoustic live tour

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