MABU is a Japanese singer, dancer and rapper under management of LDH JAPAN and signed to LDH MUSIC. He's a soloist and member of the unit MIDNIGHT LONELY BOYZ.

He started activities as a professional dancer and in 2015, he started artist activities as singer and rapper, releasing music as an indie artist under his own management. On April 29, 2019, he announced, on his birthday, that he got signed by LDH JAPAN and would be releasing music under the agency's in-house label LDH MUSIC.[1] He released his major debut digital single "HOT365" on the same day.

Aside his music activities, he's part of the brand MIDNIGHT LONELY BOY alongside EXILE ATSUSHI, JAY'ED and KAZUKI as one of the producers. On October 3, 2019, the unit debuted under the name MIDNIGHT LONELY BOYZ.


Studio AlbumsEdit

  1. [2020.04.29] BRIGHTEST DOPE


  1. [2017.03.23] Midnight Lonely Room
  2. [2018.02.21] GHETTO LOVE I
  3. [2018.03.07] GHETTO LOVE II

Digital SinglesEdit

  1. [2015.06.30] Love Is the Drug
  2. [2015.08.15] All My Ladies
  3. [2016.08.04] Summer Dreamin'
  4. [2017.06.02] I Need U
  5. [2017.06.29] Teach Me How to Love
  6. [2018.07.25] Take It Easy
  7. [2018.08.08] Summer Won't Be Back
  1. [2019.04.29] HOT365
  2. [2019.06.19] WHAT A DAY!
  3. [2019.08.02] Summer Won't Be Back ~EXILE MAKIDAI Remix~
  4. [2019.11.22] Heart On Fire



  1. MABU、<LDH MUSIC>よりデビュー EXILE ATSUSHI「とにかく全てにおいてセンスが最高」

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