LDH PERFECT YEAR 2020 was an all-year event held by LDH JAPAN. It takes place throughout 2020, starting on December 31, 2019 and lasted until February 2021. It is the third PERFECT YEAR event, held every 6 years, while being the first under LDH's name.

The event was announced on February 11, 2019[1] and was originally split into 4 seasons: IGNITION (January-March), IMAGINATION (April-June), INFINITY (July-October) and BEYOND THE BORDER (November-December).

On March 27, 2020, with the tours and scheduled concerts being cancelled since mid-February due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LDH announced the prolongation of the event by adding a fifth season titled RISING SUN ~TO THE WORLD~ that would take place from January to March 2021.[2]

On June 10, after discussions with LDH's coronavirus specialist team it was concluded that it would be very difficult to hold the concerts with 100% of the audience attendance following the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country. For this reason, all scheduled concerts from February 26 to December 26 were cancelled, with the tickets of the cancelled shows being refunded. In addition, LDH announced that they were planning to hold a new form of live entertainment in accordance with the guidelines of Japan's government on June 15.[3][4] The new entertainment project was then revealed to be the paid online concerts service LIVE×ONLINE and the new online service CL.[5]

On July 29, 1020, LDH announced the GO ON MUSIC PROJECT. To support musicians and idols, LDH would be allowing free use of their LDH Kitchen facility in Haneda, Tokyo for unattended lives and recording until the end of November. The venue is equipped with a live stage, musical instruments, 200-inch projector, DJ booth etc. and everybody would be eligible to apply, no matter if they're professionals or amateurs.[6]

On September 1, 2020, the second phase of the pay-per-view live broadcast system titled LIVE×ONLINE IMAGINATION was announced. It would be exclusively distributed live on "ABEMA PPV ONLINE LIVE" for eight days starting Saturday, September 19, 2020.[7]

On November 10, 2020, LDH announced the resume of presential live concerts with the tour EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2021 "RISING SUN TO THE WORLD".

As of February 2021, the pages related to the event were removed from the front page of LDH's website and of the artists' pages, implying that the event has ended.

COUNTDOWN LIVE 2019▶︎2020 "RISING"[edit | edit source]

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LDH PERFECT YEAR 2020 COUNTDOWN LIVE 2019▶︎2020 "RISING" is a new year countdown concert of LDH JAPAN. It happened on December 31, 2019 featuring EXILE TRIBE artists and served as opening of the LDH PERFECT YEAR 2020.

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Igniting the opening

Inspiring rich imagination

Keeping pursuing infinite possibilities

Opening a new era by breaking through all the existing concepts and borders

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